PDR Built

Artist/Emergency Metal Technician

The local metal artist and daughter

Thinking out loud

Intrigued by geometry and fabrication, I use recycled metal to create sculpture. One could call my work modeling of an axiom, concepts of mathematical theories, or abstract minimalism describing my work in general. Matters of the heart compel my mind to follow, my artwork a result of the journey.

Born and raised in Florida enjoying art, live music, and people watching, as a kid the perspective of actually becoming an artist was in the making. I originally wanted to be an archaeologist or a veterinarian. Music and art were encouraged by my mom through piano lessons at age five, my first art lessons at age seven. My first exposure to the scene was Miami, my dad a regular wherever there was jazz and art outdoors.

Metal became my preferred medium of expression after getting a motorcycle at age 22, a childhood dream complete. I needed to learn how to weld in order to fix this motorcycle soon after. I completed several welding courses at Mid Florida Tech by 2006. Starting a mobile welding service in 2010, Purpose Driven Racing, I found my greatest passion and form of expression working with metal.