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Artist/Emergency Metal Technician

Sculpture in the Garden

Amos "M.o.Heart" Audain

My work has two sides to it, the art of balance physically as well as visually. That's the common ground connecting all of my work. Playing with gravity and forming space, I feel like they are a canvas. My works are all experiments, artistic response to a personal challenge. What does it take to create an effect? I would like to both share an experience and create an effect.












"A Crime" Love is challenging

"Forever" and "A Gift"

Ribbon in the sky "A big shoe to fill"

"Alive" Concept 2019

"Making ends meet" Outdoor home decor 2018 (sold)

"Satisfaction", "Mental Break", "Time" Indoor home decor 2018

Electric Powered Wheel Chair Attachment: Concept Commission 2018

"No Ordinary love" Heart Work 2018 (sold)

"Performing Art"

"One square foot" Rise and shine series

"Heartisitc, postcard" Heartwork 2017 (donated)

"Progress on an incline" Heartwork 2017 (donated)

"Life" Heartwork 2016 (donated)

"Little man on a bench" Heartwork 2016 (sold)

Filling the gaps, stainless steel

"Most Valuable Asset" Heartwork (gallery)

Joining Aluminum

"Handful of heart full house" Heartwork 2016 (sold)

"Half Heartedly" Heartwork 2015 (sold)

Aluminum Cap

Stainless "Moral Compass" Heartwork 2015 (donated)

Drawing, Fabrication, Welding, Installation

M.o. Heart 407-773-5862

Purpose Driven Racing